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  1. Whether you smoke or not, it is in everybody’s interest to support our freedom to use e-cigarettes, and to stop the reclassification of them as medicine. We must protect our freedom to live as we want to, and not be treated as idiots by corrupt corporations. There is only one reason for regulation of our enjoyment. Money! The big tobacco companies want it, the Government wants it, period! Why do you think alcohol is not a banned substance? The Government would never do it, because the revenue they receive from alcohol is far more important than all the road deaths, alcoholism, petty crime and worst still even murders and rape caused by people after using alcohol. When did anyone enjoy an e-cigarette, or even any tobacco related product, then go and do any of these things? It would never happen! Please sign up and help this campaign, and forward this to everyone in your FACEBOOK contacts, help protect the industry that is growing and creating jobs, while protecting children from passive smoke, and saving even a moderate smoker around £70 a week! Vape proud, Vape free and Vape forever!………

  2. Why this is every ones problem not just smokers… The story below sets out to prove the point. Once upon a time a rat that lived in the farmers barn, spotted a rat trap, he was appalled and ran out of the barn where he saw the chicken, he said,” chicken there is a rat trap in the barn it’s dangerous and if you step on it , it could break your leg it might even kill you !”, “That’s not my problem”, said chicken, “it’s got nothing to do with me”.
    So rat ran out to the pig and he said “pig, there’s a rat trap in the barn if you step on it, it could hurt you badly , it might even kill you, you must help me !” ” Ha, said pig it’s got nothing to do with me, I don’t even go into the barn, it’s your problem”.
    Rat ran out to the field, ” Cow “, he called, “there’s a rat trap in the barn and the farmer takes you in there for milking, you might step on it and it could break your foot or hurt you, you really should help me get it removed !” “Why ?” said the cow ” That’s not my problem”
    Two days later the farmer went to the market, he would be away for three days, his wife was clearing up in the barn, she didn’t see the trap under the hay, and it snapped on her fingers,
    she bandaged them, but they were numb and she ignored the pain.
    When the farmer came home she was laid up sick in bed, ” look what happened to my hand, it’s gone blue”, she said.
    The farmer phoned the doctor who lived 6 hours away and asked him if he could come out, the doctor said that he’d be there the day after next.
    When the doctor got there he gave the wife some medication, and the farmer needed to feed him after the long journey so he killed the chicken and they roasted it.
    A week later the doctor returned with a surgeon to check the wife’s hand it had gangrene but the gangrene had spread up the arm, it was so bad the surgeon said her arm would need to be removed.
    They had come from far and the farmer had to feed them, he killed the pig and roasted it, and was told by the doctor that they would collect his wife in two days.
    Two days later the farmer was told it was too late to operate it had spread to the chest.
    At the funeral people came from all around, people the farmer hadn’t seen for years, and they all had to be fed, so he killed the cow….

  3. I had no intention of giving up tobacco, I enjoy smoking! But I ran out of tobacco one day and had no money to buy some more so a friend gave me a disposable e-cig to stop me climbing the walls. It lasted me a week and I had no cravings for tobacco.
    I have since bought myself a refillable e-cig and I am slowly working my way through the various flavours available, Spearmint is my current fave even though I hated menthols tobacco cigarettes!
    I have now been vaping for two weeks and cannot see myself ever returning to tobacco. I am also saving a small fortune and no longer wake up coughing.

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