Ending on a high….

Save e-cigs is going to shut down. We have done our job, we were there at the start of this, in Brussels fighting to get the TPD changed from medical regulations, and we have been there in Wales, fighting to stop the proposed vape ban.

And we think we did OK. We helped to change the course of the TPD, and last night the Welsh Health Bill was defeated. Probably not how we would have wanted it to be defeated, but it was defeated nonetheless, and we know that we played a small role in that.

So we leave a tiny legacy of success in our wake, as we pack up and move to pasture new. Vaping is in safe hands, the NNA are now in full force and moving and shaking behind the scenes and extending their reach globally, and VIP are turning into a force to be reckoned with. Their enthusiasm and energy is very welcomed to those of us that have been in this for quite a few years now.

So this post is really a very big thank you to everyone that has helped us, supported us in anyway, and been there to keep the vapers voice heard.

It was an interesting ride guys, but now to new things, and what a wonderful time to say goodbye, with the sweet smell of victory in Wales, where vaping will not be banned.