‘Operation Selfie’ #stoptheban

vaping selfie

vaping selfie

Yesterday was a partial victory for Welsh Vapers. The Health Minster decided on a compromise. There was to be no blanket public vaping ban, instead he said that he would provide a list of where the vaping ban was to be implemented. – However, and to quote him, the list “includes but is not limited to schools, eating places/restaurants and public transport.”

Please note the words – but not limited to – this is political speak for mission creep, and we know how regulators love that!

So we are still pushing for a total removal of the proposed vaping ban in public and enclosed public spaces. The Bill still has several stages to go through, so there is time!

Following the debate yesterday there will be a financial resolution and then an amended version of the Bill will go back to the Health and Social Care Committee where they will consider the amendments. The Bill will then go back to the Assembly as whole for a debate on the amendments. Finally, the Assembly as a whole will then vote the Bill on.

The Conservative and the Lib Dems support vapers and want to see the proposed ban removed, so the AMs that really need to know how important vaping is to you, are those from Labour and Plaid Cymru

Hence: ‘Operation Selfie’

Vaping selfie

Vaping selfie

We need you to tweet or e-mail your AM with your vaping selfie – ask your AM to stop the public vaping ban, and use the hashtag #stoptheban

We have laid out a very simple plan for you to follow –

1) Find out who your AM is by using this link: http://www.senedd.assembly.wales/mgFindMember.aspx

2) Once you know who they are – (and if you have a twitter account) see if they are on twitter – using this link: https://twitter.com/AssemblyWales/lists/assembly-members/members

If they are on twitter, send them a vaping selfie using #stoptheban. Put a . before the @ as this ensures everyone on their timeline can see the tweet.

3) Not on twitter? Then find their e-mail address here: (sorry it’s not in alphabetical order…)

E-mail addresses: Janet.Finchsaunders@wales.gov.uk; Carl.Sargeant@wales.gov.uk; AlunFfred.Jones@wales.gov.uk;

Alun.Davies@wales.gov.uk; Kirsty.Williams@wales.gov.uk; Carwyn.Jones@wales.gov.uk; Jeff.Cuthbert@wales.gov.uk; Jenny.Rathbone@wales.gov.uk; Julie.Morgan@wales.gov.uk; Vaughan.Gething@wales.gov.uk; Rhodri.Thomas@wales.gov.uk; Angela.Burns@wales.gov.uk; Elin.Jones@Wales.gov.uk; Ken.Skates@Wales.gov.uk; Darren.Millar@wales.gov.uk; Christine.Chapman@Wales.gov.uk; Sandy.Mewies@wales.gov.uk;

Dafydd.Elis-Thomas@Wales.gov.uk; Edwina.Hart@Wales.gov.uk; Gwyn.Price@wales.gov.uk; Keith.Davies@Wales.gov.uk; Huw.Lewis@Wales.gov.uk; Nicholas.Ramsay@Wales.gov.uk; Gwenda.Thomas@Wales.gov.uk; Russell.George@Wales.gov.uk; David.Rees@Wales.gov.uk; John.Griffiths@Wales.gov.uk; Rosemary.Butler@Wales.gov.uk; Janice.Gregory@Wales.gov.uk; Mick.Antoniw@Wales.gov.uk; Paul.Davies@wales.gov.uk; Leighton.Andrews@wales.gov.uk;

Mike.Hedges@Wales.gov.uk; Julie.James@Wales.gov.uk; Ann.Jones@Wales.gov.uk; Jane.Hutt@Wales.gov.uk; Lesley.Griffiths@wales.gov.uk; rhun.apiorwerth@wales.gov.uk; Mohammad.Asghar@wales.gov.uk; Peter.Black@wales.gov.uk; Andrew.Davies2@wales.gov.uk; Byron.Davies@Wales.gov.uk;

Jocelyn.Davies@Wales.gov.uk; Suzy.Davies@wales.gov.uk; Rebecca.Evans@wales.gov.uk;; llyr.gruffydd@wales.gov.uk; Mark.Isherwood@wales.gov.uk; Bethan.Jenkins@wales.gov.uk; David.Melding@Wales.gov.uk:

Lynne.Neagle@Wales.gov.uk; Eluned.Parrott@Wales.gov.uk; William.Powell@wales.gov.uk; Aled.Roberts@Wales.gov.uk; Simon.Thomas@Wales.gov.uk; Joyce.Watson@wales.gov.uk; Lindsay.Whittle@Wales.gov.uk; Leanne.Wood@wales.gov.uk

4) Then e-mail them your story, your vaping story – how you found e-cigarettes, how they have helped you switch from tobacco, and how the vaping ban with affect you. Please use the #stoptheban because this will stick in their minds!

And finally –

Please make sure there is no vapour in your photo, let them see the e-cig, and please be polite! We need to win hearts and minds people, hearts and minds……


Please note: the images are from Google –  Pinterest and Reddit – As I don’t know who you are, (people in the photos) I hope it is OK to use them to help us campaign to stop the vaping ban in public and enclosed public places in Wales.




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