A reply from The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey.

Dear Save E-cigs,

Thank you for your email regarding the recently published findings from
researchers at Cardiff University about e-cigarette use among children and
young people in Wales.

I am glad you found the research of use. It is important we increase our
understanding in this area and in doing so, work with our academic
colleagues, submitting the findings to scientific journals to ensure the
research is subject to scrutiny. I recognise that this and other studies
show regular e-cigarette use among young people is largely limited to
current and ex-smokers at present. These studies also show that regular use
of e-cigarettes, as currently defined, is limited to a small number of young

As it will be some time before definitive evidence becomes available
regarding both the efficacy of e-cigarettes as an aid to smoking cessation
and their long-term health impacts, it is important that we continue to
monitor the evidence as it emerges. In the meantime, I believe that we
should be doing everything we can to prevent a new generation becoming
exposed to nicotine, which is an addictive substance and has been shown to
impact on brain development. Whilst I recognise that e-cigarettes, along
with nicotine replacement therapy, may be helpful to smokers in giving up
tobacco, I believe we should remain cautious in our approach to
e-cigarettes, particularly use among children and young people.

Dr Ruth Hussey OBE


3 thoughts on “A reply from The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey.

  1. Is that what is termed “doubletalk”? It sounds contradictory and yet dogmatic regarding nicotine, waving an unscientific, unfounded flag of hyped and propagandized ideas that nicotine is so dangerously addictive. BS.

  2. Both nicotine and caffeine have similar addictive properties. When are you going to give coffee the same treatment as you appear to want to give nicotine. Particularly use among children and young people. I am a 61 year old vaper that desperately does not want to be driven by politicians back to burning tobacco after 3 years plus without a tobacco cigarette. Please take important note I have tried everything to give up tobacco over a 45 year period. Personal vaporisers are the only thing that has worked for myself and over 2 million others in the UK. Please keep monitoring and enjoy your coffee.

  3. I think that’s Welsh for La-;la-la-la, fingers in my ears, and I don’t care what you say, and I’ll be looking for a seat on the board so go take a running jump! I am so angry and disgusted with this lot – before you call racist I’m Welsh as a leek!

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