It’s really Ground Hog Day on National No Smoking Day.

Ground Hog Day

Last year on No Smoking Day, Save E-cigs decided to look at the official No Smoking Day website to see how much information they were providing regarding e-cigarettes. We were surprised, given the huge potential of e-cigarettes, that there was not one single mention of e-cigarettes on the website. We wrote at the time:

“Is it too much to hope that by National No Smoking Day next year, policy makers and public health campaigners will have realised the amazing potential of e-cigarettes? Is it too much to hope that these people will stop pretending e-cigarettes do not exist or that they are somehow “dangerous”? Is it too much to hope that these people will engage constructively with vapers and try and understand that for the vast majority of smokers NRT just does not work? Perhaps it is, but on this National No Smoking Day, this campaign’s message to policy makers and public health campaigners is this: This is a crucial moment, a narrow window of opportunity. If wisely regulated, e-cigarettes can make tobacco cigarettes obsolete. The stakes are high, and we need to play it right. Please, please, please do not blow it by focussing all your energies on concerns that have no foundation.”

So one year on and it is No Smoking Day again and a search of the official website reveals that yet again it fails to include a single mention of e-cigarettes.

So on a day dedicated to encouraging people to make an extra special effort to give up smoking, the official campaign website fails to mention the most effective method of helping people to quit smoking by enabling them to switch to a less harmful alternative.

Not only does the official website fail to mention e-cigarettes, but many of the individuals and organisations behind No Smoking Day have spent much of the last year doing their level best to undermine e-cigarettes and to discourage people from vaping. Why?

We know from official research that e-cigarettes are at least 60 per cent more effective than traditional NRT and smokers know this too. As a result NRT sales are falling, councils are spending less on smoking cessation services, but fundamentally smoking rates are at their lowest level in recorded history.

So the official No Smoking Day website and many of the organisations and individuals behind the day can continue to ignore reality, but what they should not do is go out of their way to spread unfounded fears about e-cigarettes and to agitate for regulations that bans vaping in public or prevents smokers receiving access to information about e-cigarettes.

If these people really want to help smokers quit then they should set aside their ideological prejudices and embrace those methods that provide the best chance of helping a smoker quit. You only have to look to Leicester to see what happens when a smoking cessation service embraces e-cigarettes.


2 thoughts on “It’s really Ground Hog Day on National No Smoking Day.

  1. As I am sure you are aware no smoking day is the property of the British Heart Foundation and not the public health departments although generally individual stop smoking services do support the idea of smokers giving up smoking for one day to see how it feels. In Leicester for instance the stop smoking services promote all methods including vamping to cease the high risk habit of using tobacco. I agree that at the moment there no national endorsement of e cigs.

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