Politician of the Week: Mark Pawsey MP

Mark Pawsey MP and Glyn Davis MP

As supporters of vaping it can often feel like all in power are against us. However, those of us actively engaged in the policy debate surrounding e-cigarettes know that this is not always the case. There are a growing number of politicians who are willing to take a public stance based on an understanding of the facts. We have therefore decided to celebrate those politicians who are willing to stand up for vapers and vaping by launching a politician of the week.

The second winner of the Save E-cigs Politician of the Week is Mark Pawsey MP, Conservative member of parliament for Rugby.

This week Mr Pawsey launched the All-Party Parliamentary Group on E-cigarettes. The group will examine and scrutinise this rapidly growing industry exploring the benefits the devices could have for people looking to quit smoking. There are an estimated 2.1m e-cigarette users, or vapers, in the UK and the number is rapidly rising.

The group will also examine new legislation coming forward, both European and domestic, that affects the use of the devices.

At the launch of the new APPG Mr Pawsey said:

“I first became interested in e-cigarettes after visiting a local business selling the devices last year and since that time have become more convinced of their effectiveness as cessation devices to help people quit smoking tobacco.

The e-cigarette industry is rapidly growing and I believe it is a sector which demands further scrutiny and investigation from MPs and have set up a new APPG on the devices with exactly this in mind.

I believe that stricter regulation is required to ensure that all e-cigarette devices, products and liquids are safe but I do not support regulating the industry out of existence. In the last year many of my constituents have contacted me to say that without e-cigarettes they would not have been able to give up smoking so I think more work must be done in order to establish what role they can play in helping more people quit using tobacco.”

Thank you Mr Pawsey for launching this vitally important group, we look forward to working with you and other APPG members.


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