Major event in the House of Commons…..

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On the 2nd of September Save E-cigs is organising a major event in the House of Commons hosted by Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP (Labour), Mark Pawsey MP (Conservative), and John Pugh MP (Liberal Democrat). The meeting will be held in the Attlee Suite from 14:00 – 16:00.

At present there is a significant debate taking place as to how exactly e-cigarettes should be regulated. The Tobacco Products Directive, which the UK Government will be transposing over the next two years, sets some guidelines, but does not dictate actual regulation in many areas. Should they be included in the smoking ban as the Welsh Government has proposed? Should they be regulated as a medicinal product, a tobacco product, or something else? Our event will look at all these issues in detail. Speaking at this event will be:

· Professor Gerry Stimson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
· Clive Bates, Former Head of Action on Smoking and Health
· Louise Ross, Leicester Stop Smoking Services
· Professor Robert West, Professor of health psychology and director of tobacco studies at University College London’s department of epidemiology and public health
· Oliver Kershaw, Founder of the E-cigarette Forum
· Jill Rutter, Institute of Government

This meeting will not be just another event discussing e-cigarettes, it will genuinely move the debate forward; setting the scene, looking at what happens when policy makers get regulation wrong, and setting out how e-cigarettes could and should be regulated.

It is vital that all those with an interest in e-cigarettes engage on this important topic. If you would like to attend this event please RSVP to

We have invited every MP to attend this event; however, to ensure that they attend it often helps if their constituents encourage them to attend. We would therefore be very grateful if you could please get in touch with your local MP and encourage them to attend this important event.


5 thoughts on “Major event in the House of Commons…..

  1. I strongly suggest e-cigs to be regulated and available to every smoker as part of their attempt to quit smoking.

    • I think everybody agrees that there should be regulation, but it is how the regulations are made and implemented that is important. We also need to recognise that e cigarettes are not purely for those that want to quit smoking.

      • I strongly suggest that the difference between SMOKING and NICOTINE be stressed. It’s the hard line link that the ignorant make between the two activities that is the creation of this debacle. it’s tobacco smoking that kills millions NOT the nicotine.

  2. Hello.

    I am creating and shooting a professional standard15/20 minute video primarily aimed at the health workers community. The objective is to give them a more realistic and open-minded view, at least balanced, with an attempt to address much of the recent anti-vaping rhetoric in a sensible, evidential and professional way. I have no personal axe to grind, nor am I connected with any business interests in the industry. I’m simply passionate about creating productive media and the subject matter itself.

    I’ve started making connections with a number of contributors and will begin video capture over the next two weeks.

    How would I be able to incorporate a possible visit to the event? Perhaps meet and film some of the contributors for short interviews and capture some of the activities on the day for B roll for the video? Can anyone help me set this up?

    Kind regards


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