Consultation on the marketing of e cigarettes.


OK folks, fingers ready at the keyboard as your Advertising Standards Agency needs you!

Your ASA needs you!

Under the strap line of ‘legal, decent, honest and truthful’, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), and the Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP), both parts of the ASA, are asking the general public for their opinions on e cigarette advertising. They want to have some interim guidelines before the new regulations come into force, sometime in 2016.

As stated, this consultation is open to the public, so those for and against electronic cigarettes will be setting forth their opinions. We can be sure that the likes of ASH will be calling for fairly robust interim regulations, but we are optimistic that the majority of vendors will be submitting their responses too. If your vendor is not aware of this consultation, please point it out to them.

Save e cigs will be be submitting a response to this, but we wanted to ask you your opinions.

What do you think is appropriate when it comes to advertising e cigs?

Do you agree with the guideline set out by the ASA?

The consultation and proposed guidelines can be found here:

It is an easy read, (especially when compared to the TPD), and dare I say, not an unpleasant one either. There don’t seem to be any hidden agendas, and true to their strap line, they do seem to be being legal, decent, honest and truthful.

You can email us your thoughts to, (no later than the 14th April please), or you can add your thoughts to the comment section below, but which ever way you choose to participate, please do, as this will affect us all!

The results of this public consultation will inform the advertising standards for e cigarettes for the next two years.


We look forward to reading your comments!




5 thoughts on “Consultation on the marketing of e cigarettes.

  1. The current e-cig adverts are pointless for making people aware of 2nd gen devices. The only reason why current ads dont show the product is because they are lookalike devices. Advertisements should show devices especially 2nd generation to prove that not all ecigs look like cigarettes

  2. Ideally,I would want adverts to be targeted at smokers.This would include those from age 12(?) upwards.How you do this in practice,I don’t know.The problem is conveying that they are safer and can replace,partially or wholly,smoking lit tobacco without claiming medicinal benefits and without having a multitude of (long-term) safety trials.

    Perhaps a suitable adaption of the med advertising rules would be a pragmatic approach although,logically, if the TPD is “right” in 2016 then it must be right today too.

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