Stories that range from the mildly bizarre to the dangerous.



Open your newspaper, switch on the television, go on line or listen to the radio and these days you are more than likely to hear a scare story about e-cigarettes.  These stories range from the mildly bizarre to the dangerous.  In recent weeks we have read countless stories about e-cigarettes exploding and causing house fires, about e-cigarettes being increasingly attractive to children, of e-cigarettes causing “confusion” because they look like real cigarettes, and most bizarre or all, e-cigarettes being responsible for the death of a puppy.

One thing all these stories have in common is that they are almost always without foundation, are based on misinformation, and the people behind often have a vested interest in rubbishing e-cigarettes.  Lazy and unthinking journalists publish these stories without questioning their validity or seeking an opposing voice.  Consequently these stories pass into common currency and are taken as being true.

At Save E-cigs we have decided that this has to stop.  Many of these stories are downright irresponsible and have contributed in a small part to the awful regulation voted through by MEPs last week and soon to become law.  More importantly, these stories may put smokers off switching to e-cigarettes.

With all this in mind we have decided to fight back.  In recent weeks we have responded to a number of press stories and statements from politicians and will continue to do as and when these stories appear.  However, we cannot be everywhere, we are not able to watch every local news programme, listen to all local radio stations, or read every local newspaper.  This is where you can help.  Over on our main website – in the next few weeks we will be publishing a tool kit to help vapers up and down the country respond to the ill-informed scare stories that appear in their local media.  There will be a whole range of letters that can be downloaded and also a range of useful facts and figures that vapers can use when writing to their local media or politicians.

In time we hope that all our efforts will lead to a reduction in such scare stories and a more balanced reporting of e-cigarettes in general.

We very much hope that you will all join us in this vitally important campaign.


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