Split and separate votes not yet confirmed: message from Martin Callanan.

As there is much tension around this issue and there are various rumours spreading, this message has come from the Office of Martin Callanan this afternoon,Monday 24th Feb, 2013.


Re Split and Separate Votes:

We won’t know until tomorrow, after all the groups have made their submissions. I think it’s likely that he will allow ‘Splits and Separates’ BUT will take the vote on the whole trialogue agreement first. Then, if that is passed (which is very probable), all other votes will fall.

If that is the decided vote order, then before the vote starts, I will formally move on behalf of the ECR that the whole directive is referred back to the Envi committee because of Para 18. This will give MEPs who are supportive of e-cigs the chance to signal their support without voting against the whole TPD. This will most likely fail, but at least we will have tried!




One thought on “Split and separate votes not yet confirmed: message from Martin Callanan.

  1. Thanks from me to Martin & Rebecca and everyone else who has tried to put a stop to this. This obvious stitch up is just so depressing. What a future we all face. I don’t want to single out the EU particularly for criticism as national governments are equally as culpable, certainly the UK government. Is there any possibility that Cameron might finally “grow a pair” and defend our liberty, in the UK at least? Nope!

    I think we all know that despite the fact that extortionate taxation of tobacco products often being justified on public health grounds the last thing any national government actually wants is for people stop smoking. Persecution of nicotine addicts provides £11 billion in revenue annually to the UK alone I gather. Add to that the cost people living to collect their pensions for longer. What a hole that would blow in budget! Of course there are other all too obvious vested interests involved. Like who really needs useless & expensive NRT now? Nobody, hence the war or on vaping, or electronic “cigarettes” as they are called (a most unfortunate choice in my opinion). I guess I’ll stop here and save my rant about the UK’s MHRA for another occasion.

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