Conflicting information today about split and separate votes.

Today we  received this e mail from the Office of Rebecca Taylor, as she has kindly agreed to write another post for us.

This e mail we received at 15:30pm.

Dear Katie

Yes she did say she would at some point this week, and we will get something to you tomorrow.

For your information, the Conference of Presidents (the political group leaders) unfortunately decided today that no amendments, nor any ‘split’ or ‘separate’ votes would be allowed on the TPD next week.

Therefore there will only be a single vote, yes or no, on the entire tobacco package, with no chance to single out and remove paragraphs concerning e-cigs.

We will explain this in a short piece for your blog.

We then tweeted that Martin Schulz had not allowed split votes for the TPD.

After receiving the above e mail, we e mailed the office of Martin Callanan as we know that the ECR are still fighting hard for us, to ask what the situation was, now there was no split vote.

at 5:47pm we received this e mail reply from Martin’s office:

Martin has asked me to drop you a line to explain the present situation.

Basically it is not clear yet as to what will be the final format of the
vote on Wednesday. In the Conference of President’s this morning this was a
topic of debate. Martin Schulz could allow the vote to be opened up to
splits and separates – but could allow this to happen after the vote on the
whole TPD package, thus meaning that if the TPD is passed then it will not
necessitate the splits and separates.
Martin protested this as many MEPs have no problem with the rest of the package but do with article 18, therefore the ECR would like the splits and separates to be voted on before the main vote on the whole package.

President Schulz has therefore asked the political groups to each come back to him with their preference.

Should the final vote be held before the splits and separates, our last
stand will be for Martin to propose that the TPD is taken back to the
Committee. There have been plenty of oversights and botchings of procedure
throughout this file, so it is a more than fair request.

So, it is not yet final that there is no split and separate vote. There is still some hope. Dave Dorn is going to talk through these e mails tonight on VTTV – 9pm UK time – and discuss what we can still do – SO PLEASE WATCH  – tonight, 9pm


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