Keep up the pressure on MEPs. Guest post from Nikki Sinclaire.



As MEP for the West Midlands, I have made it a priority to be “just more than Europe”. Although I have fought, and continue the fight for an In or Out referendum on EU membership, I’ve also focussed on community issues. My work is constituent led, so I’ve dealt with all sorts of topics, ranging from football in the community to food banks. The work and causes are all wildly different – and I love it.

E-Cigarettes are both a European issue and a local issue. Vapers, in their successful attempts to contact their local MEPs, have become the most popular topic in my inbox. In fact, when I first started researching this whole debate, I was quite overwhelmed by the strength of feeling about the potential ban.

So I’ve taken on the fact. I’ve voted in the Parliament against the effective ban. I’ve submitted questions to the European Commission, and more importantly, I’ve met with vapers themselves.

The BBC Vape Meet that was held earlier this month presented me with a unique opportunity to meet e-cig users and attempt to raise the profile of the fight we currently face.

The e-cig lobby has achieved so much. However, you must keep up the pressure.

Just as I was overwhelmed by the messages about e-cigs, you must lobby your local MEPs on the issue. Why not ask to meet them in person? If you own a store that is selling e-cigarette related products, why not offer to show the MEP round? It all adds weight to your argument.

Writing to the press is crucial. Sometimes, when it comes to the media, it can seem like you are fighting an uphill battle to get your particular issue highlighted, even when you know it’s a critical issue. You should not be disheartened. The slow “drip-drip” effect of giving the newspapers stories about e-cigarettes will eventually pay off. If you have your own e-cig stall, why not talk to your local newspaper featuring your fight to keep your business in the face of an EU e-cig ban? Remember, local newspapers want local news – so get an angle they’ll want to feature. Why not write to the letters page also? All column inches help highlight and create awareness of your fight. Just this week I had a large story printed in the Kidderminster Shuttle, they were keen to feature the story as they have a local e-cigarette shop and a charity who are linked with e-cigs too.

I’m continuing to spread the word about the potential ban. My team have produced and delivered tens and thousands of leaflets dedicated to the subject of e-cigs and stores from across the vast West Midlands region have chosen to display them in their stores.

If anybody else would like copies of the leaflet to distribute, please get in touch by

I’ll continue to pressure the European Parliament, but I urge you to keep up the pressure on your MEPs.



7 thoughts on “Keep up the pressure on MEPs. Guest post from Nikki Sinclaire.

  1. Sincere thanks for all you are doing Nikki – we shall continue to beat our brains out ….we shall fight them on the beaches …you know the rest ….but we shall never surrender, not ever!

  2. That electronic cigarette is just another way the tobacco industry is insuring a future clientele to stay in business. That statement I still believe to be true otherwise they would never have bothered to buy into a a market targeted to be regulated. They of course are already regulated and the regulators have derived an enormous cash flow over the years while at the same time gaining support from it’s victims. Correct me where I am wrong in a language that I understand along with all the other victims of smoking cigarettes. The Barb Tarbox story ( found on youtube and yes that’s her real name) is the very first piece of research I came across . I watched the video and saw the very disturbing images knowing full well what her message was for me . June 2013: I already have advanced Emphyzema and a spot growing on one of my lungs . Breathing is really hard and sometimes painful. Barb’s images haunted me. I kept up my research. I tried quitting , I tried cutting down, the images of Barb let me know what I’m up against. August 2013: The puffers, the steroids, fresh air and my kids especially keeping me hopeful, but I keep on smoking because I can’t quit, I requested the Smoking Cessation local office help me. I got shock therapy instead from their protocol. What do I do now? Sometime in September I picked up a packaged electronic cigarette in Holy Smokes and read what was on the packaging. No Nicotine. ???? The patch has nicotine, the gum has nicotine, the lozengers have nicotine, who would buy these?? I went home and started my research on electronic cigarettes. Looking back, that was the first time I opened my mind to think maybe there was a possibility these things have something to offer me. After plenty of research and user testment. I ordered my first one September 17/13 I received it on September 29/2013. I fired it up September 30/13. I have not had one puff of a cigarette since I finally opened my mind to this ingenious device. In closing I want everyone to know that Barb Tarbox did not have this alternative to turn to. Her story informed me I could literally die while holding a cigarette in my hand. I’m trying to hold tribute to her brave outpouring of pain she endured. I’m certain she would have loved to know that cigarettes were banned altogether. We know that is not gonna happen anytime soon and we know why. There is no fools amongst us victims. We all know what has to be done to stop being victimized again by those pretending to be there to help us. It’s our right to choose another alternative, and if we truly know it is a better alternative then we all know we must stand up and VAPE OUT LOUD…not be controlled in silence.

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