MEP´s say NO to medical regulations for electronic cigarettes!

The vote took place this morning, and after a fairly heated debate the MEP´s said NO!

This is an  incredible relief, and I can tell you that here at saveecigs we are all delighted that we are through this first hurdle.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to sign and share our letter – to all of you that have written individual letters to MEPs and for the hard work that has gone into making this possible.

Thank you also to all the MEPs that listened to us and took on board what the vapers of Europe had to say.

I know some of you may be popping the Champaign corks over this excellent news – but I would still leave that bottle in the fridge as this is not over yet. I know this is not what you wanted to hear, and I certainly don´t want to be raining on any parade, but we now enter the negotiations phase that is called ´Trilogue´ – between the rapporteur, the MEPs and the Council.

The Council of Health Ministers want e cigs regulated as medicines, as does the rapporteur, however the MEP´s don´t, so there is going to be a degree of horse trading until they come out with a TPD that all can agree on.

We do have the MEP´s on our side, and the win was by a decent margin of over 50 MEP´s , plus, despite the UK signing up to the TPD, it hasn´t even been debated in the House of Commons , so UK elected officials have not has their chance to discuss it.  This is something we will be working hard to see, we are already writing to the new UK Junior Health Secretary – so, there is plenty of work that needs to be done.

But for today – let´s celebrate this victory – and then tomorrow it´s back to the grindstone for us!



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