It was a great success!

The press release and letter handover were both a great success – so thank you to everyone that signed and took part!

We managed to get just under three thousand signatures  – which is not bad for a few weeks of campaigning. We saw personally 11 MEPs in their offices where we were able to discuss the implications of e cig regulations, Dave and Sav had their e-cigs with them and I believe a few MEPs were given first hand instructions on using them!

We held the press conference with Clive Bates, Gerry Stimson, Dr Farsalinos and Jacque Le Houezec – they were incredible – and the SWOF guys filmed the entire event. We will post the video once we get that. This link will take you to the video we showed to open the press conference – and I think you´ll agree it is pretty powerful, so thank you SWOF! The press conference managed to attract the attention of the world media – AND we had 30 MEP´s turn up for the letter hand over and photo shoot!

Please see our media page and gallery – where we will be posting images from the day and all the media we can find from the events. We came home happy people.

What we also learnt the day after we got back from Brussels is that the TPD plenary vote has been put back a month! This will allow time for the rushed through TPD to be properly assessed and read, and let´s hope that sense will prevail!!


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