Meet the Team

Meet the team

Having been up and running for a couple of weeks now, I thought it would be an idea to introduce some of the people supporting this campaign, what we are doing, and why.

At the moment we are a merry band of three – Katie, Sue, and Johnny.  I (Katie) am a freelance writer and former midwife, Sue is mum to three gorgeous kids, and Johnny is a small independent retailer of e-cigs.  We are also supported by Richard who is kindly giving us some advice and support with the campaign.

Why this campaign?

Either as e-cigarette users or because we see the benefits e-cigarettes bring to our friends and family, and by association us, we felt it was important to put together a campaign that would hopefully unite e-cigarette users, their friends, and their families under the one banner – for all our sakes, save e-cigs.

How have we managed to fund all of this?  To be honest, we haven’t had to spend any money to date.  What we have done is nag, cajole, and blag from friends, colleagues, family, and people who support the campaign.  As a result we have this website and we have our campaign letter translated into a number of languages.  Now if your countries language has not been translated (blatant ask coming up…) please do feel free to translate for us and send it to us.  The more letters we have translated the more likely we are to succeed.

As I mentioned, we have some support on the campaign side from Richard.  This has turned out to be invaluable, though e-mailing all the MEPs has been a complete labour of love – (I should probably include the play list here that kept me going – but suffice to say Queen ´We are the Champions ´was one of them.)

We are a group of people who care deeply about e-cigarettes and the way they are transforming people’s lives for the better.  We can see very clearly that medical regulation is the wrong path to journey down!

How can you help?

We need as much help and support as we can get.  Please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and sign our letter.  Once you have done this please, please, please, share this with your friends, colleagues, and family.  Please encourage them to all support this campaign.

Time is not on our side as we are delivering our letter to MEPs in Brussels next week, is it really that soon?!  Alongside the delivery we will be organising a few other things so watch this space for further details.

Again, please help, please sign, and please, please share!



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