To the EU, don´t fix that which is not broken….

Over 7 million vapers live in the EU, that´s 7 million people no longer smoking as much tobacco as they did.

This is good thing.

Vaping is not a revolution, it´s an evolution and that means change.

Change in thought, change in process and change in paradigm.

Most humans’ don´t like change  – they resist it all they can – they get used to the status quo even though that status quo might not be comfortable, might be ineffective, or even harmful.

Vaping has upset the status quo.

Turning e-cigs into medicines returns the status quo, where tobacco rules and e cigs are as ineffective as NRT.

Can you image a world where millions of people smoke less?  If the EU leave e-cigs alone, allow them to be a force for change in the market place – that thought becomes a reality.

If the EU regulates e-cigarettes as a medicine, they will turn an evolutionary product into a broken one that no longer works. Your loved one will probably go back to smoking.

Please stop this – please sign our letter– share it anyway you know how – Facebook – Twitter – all your social media – let´s not allow the EU to fix something that isn´t broken and damage our loved ones health.

Non smokers  – vaping benefits you too – your friends and family that vape, that have switched from smoking are benefitting from not inhaling thousands of toxins, are not spending as much money, are not smelling, running off to smoke in the middle of meal – you get more of them, more of their time, more of their attention. Don´t let the EU take this away from them, and you.


3 thoughts on “To the EU, don´t fix that which is not broken….

  1. Save millions of lives….save ecigs! Does the EU want to condemn them all to a possibly horrible death? If they vote this through each and everyone of them must take PERSONAL responsibility – as a human being, not as an EU bureaucrat.

  2. If the EU instigate this lunatic regulation and I cannot refill my ecigs or buy new replacement parts I will quite simply return to smoking ordinary cigarettes.
    Perhaps someone out there can tell me the brands made by the tobacco from tobacco growers that receive an EU grant and I can give them a go. Hypocrites.

  3. For this ever to have become an issue is proof positive that lunatics are running the asylum!
    Let’s hope decent common sense wins this battle and not the tobacco giants. The EU now have the opportunity to actually save MILLIONS of lives by recognising what a giant step forward ecigs are to smokers, their families and the general public, but if money and corporate power, rather than the health and well being of the population, is the driving force behind this proposal then God help us!

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