Why this campaign? And what´s wrong with medical legislation?

Friends and families of Vapers have set up this campaign, because vaping affects us too.

We have seen the struggle first hand with our loved ones as they try to stop smoking, or carry on regardless of their health and ours. But e-cigarettes have made a difference, e-cigarettes are less harmful, they don´t smell, they don´t cost a fortune, and we all win.

So why not regulate them as a medicine, after all people do stop smoking with them don´t they?

The simple and honest answer is yes, many people stop smoking with them, but an e cigarette is not a medicine, it is an alternative to cigarettes, and should be regulated that way. Just because you stop smoking, does that automatically make it a therapy?

Making an e-cigarette into  a medicine will mean that it fundamentally it has to change. The technology will have to change to give exact, quantifiable doses each and every time, from battery start to battery finish; e cig technology doesn´t do this. Making it a medicine won´t allow for individuality of vaping style, there will be no tanks or mods, there will be virtually no flavours and the only devices that will be available will be ´cigalikes´, that won´t last all day, maybe two hours at the most.  And they certainly won´t be cheap.

We want electronic cigarettes to have sensible regulation. At present they are regulated by the EU, it just needs tightening up a bit; make it law that they can´t be sold to under 18´s, make sure that high grade ingredients are used and labelled correctly, other than that leave them alone. 7 million vapers can´t be wrong across the whole of Europe.

Please sign the letter, share it and let´s stop this EU madness that will send our loved ones back to smoking.


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